توضیحات محصول

لورم ایپسوم یک متن ساختگی و نامفهوم برای طراحان وب است تا محتوای پیشفرض را برای پر کردن صفحات وب وارد کنند. در حقیقت این متن هیچ معنی و مفهوم خاصی ندارد و فقط برای پر کردن صفحه از آن استفاده میشود تا کاربران سایت را به همراه محتوا ببینند. همواره بر ۳ اصل کیفیت، تخصص و پشتیبانی مسیر خود را طی نموده است. ما به خوبی میدانیم که راز یک تجارت موفق، کیفیت، پشتیبانی و صداقت با مشتریست و همیشه سعی کرده ایم با مشتری به گونه ای رفتار شود که موجب رضایت او باشد. ما همواره در تلاشیم تا شرایطی را فراهم آوریم تا کاربرانمان نهایت لذت را از فعالیت در وب فارسی ببرند. لذا همیشه سعی میکنیم تا با ایده های جدید و ناب، تحولاتی را در وب فارسی ایجاد نماییم.

Benefits of running a single-vendor Marketplace website:

  • A good way to generate revenue online.
  • Build, manage, promote, and track your own business.
  • Full control over your own work. No fees, no restrictions, no rejections and set your own prices.
  • Enhance your abilities, get feedback from customers and get recognized in the industry.
  • Boost your career at the same time.

Benefits of running a multi-vendor Marketplace website:

  • Help vendors to maximize their business and customer relationships in a secure, trustworthy, and convenient platform.
  • Change the market by setting up a profitable platform for all parties involved. Do away with outrages fees, or the exclusivity Lock-In and price restriction most vendors don’t want.
  • By providing a huge variety of products you’re bound to easily generate traffic and sales.


Full Featured List:

  • Compatible with the latest stable release of WordPress and EDD 2.4!
  • One Click demo content installation
  • Responsive Design
  • Supports all WP Blog Post Formats: Standard, Aside, Image, Link, Quote, Status, Video, Audio, Gallery (with slide option), and Chat.
  • Valid HTML5 & CSS3
  • Cross-browser Compatibility
  • SEO optimization and microformats (Google Rich Snippets)
  • Additional support has been built-in for the following extensions:
    • Contact Form 7
    • UberMenu
    • Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress
    • SEO Yoast breadcrumb
  • ۵ Visual Composer exclusive addons:
    • Marketplace :: Grid Create a beautiful and simple grid of thumbnails with items from your Marketpace (EDD Downloads) only.
    • Marketplace :: Slider Create multiple sliders
    • Marketplace :: Item Widget block Display your marketplace items just like a magazine wordpress website.
    • Marketplace :: Filter A filterable grid to display of your marketplace items. Supporting single layout or multiple ones.
    • Maketplace :: Category A category block that displays subcategories, authors’ avatars and other useful stats.

    Most of these addons supports the following sorting options: Date, ID, Author, Title, Modified, Comment Count, Meta Value, Meta Value Number, and Random.

    Advanced Theme Options Panel

    • One Click demo content installation
    • Boxed & Wide Layout
    • Sticky Menu
    • Custom Header Design
    • Option to add Google Analytics/Piwik (or any other) tracking code
    • Built-in Topbar
    • Built-in Page title bar with breadcrumbs
    • Multiple Widget Sidebars: 2 Post Sidebars, 2 Page Sidebars, 3 Marketplace Sidebars, Up to 6 Footer Sidebars
    • Multiple Sidebar Layouts: Full width (no sidebars), Up to two sidebars to the left or right, Sidebar left and right.)
    • Several useful page options: Enable/Disable comments on pages, Enable/Disable Page titles on multiple pages such as Archives, Search, Category, Tags, etc.
    • Blog Post Layout Option: List view and Grid View (up to four columns, Masonry) + control the number of items per page.
    • Excerpt options when using list view; Customize excerpt length (by words), excerpt ending (dots […]), and read more text.
    • Enable/Disable WordPress Standard Author Biography box and Next and Previous post links on each single blog post.
    • Customize each Blog Post Format; Enable/Disable Title, Date, Post meta data, Excerpt or Full content.
    • Typographic and styling options
    • Footer options; Enable up to 6 columns, copyright, any menu and more.
    • Additional Marketplace options
      • Enable/Disable decimal from all price and Add custom text if price display is $0.00.
      • Enable “All Rights Reserved [author]” Prefix inside the Page title bar.
      • Layout options: List view and Grid View (up to four columns) + control the number of items per page.
      • Paginated comments.
      • Customize excerpt options separately from blog posts when using list view.
      • Enable Front-end Registration (Vendors or Customers), Login, Dashboard pages and more.
      • Multiple Sidebar Layouts supported for: Item description page and Archive pages (Category,Tags,Search).
      • Special Notification bar on Marketplace pages only. Not visible on blog posts or pages.
      • Display Marketplace statistics (x items for sale, x purchases, x users) anywhere on your website.
      • Redirect Users to Custom Pages by Role
    • Custom search template for marketplace items.
    • And so much more…


    The demo uses a few premium wordpress plugins which aren’t included inside your download package. If you wish to use them, you need to purchase them separately. The following plugins are recommended: Visual Composer, Visual Composer Ultimate Addon, Easy Social Share Buttons, and if you want to create a multi-vendor marketplace: Frontend Submissions.

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